2015 Nottinghamshire MS Survey

2015 Nottinghamshire MS Survey

Nottinghamshire 2015 Survey of people with Multiple Sclerosis

Summary – 106 respondents of which:-

Age at:           Survey time               Time of diagnosis                       Time stopped work due to MS

     All              Women (75%)       Men (25%)             Women       Men

20s                              0%               23%                          15%                     8%               0%

30s                              6%               27%                          39%                   10%            20%

40s                             16%              29%                          31%                   30%            30%

50s                             28%             19%                           15%                   48%            45%

60s                             30%               2%                             0%                    4%               5%

70s                             11%                0%                            0%

80s                               2%                0%                            0%

Not stated                    7%                0%                            0%


At the time of the survey 28% of the respondents were single, 24% lived alone and 21% were in employment or business. The types of MS from which the respondents said they suffered were:-

Relapsing remitting                         31%

Primary progressive                        15%

Secondary progressive                   45%

Benign                                               3%

Not known                                          6%




One of many examples of how they could help more:-

Carers:                      Be more thoughtful

Nurses:                     More regular appointments, home and out of hours visits

GPs:                           Improve their knowledge of MS, its treatment and the aids available

MS Society:             More information & emotional support for families of people with MS

Neurologists:         Don’t assume all symptoms relate to MS as other ailments get overlooked

Gen. Public:            More consideration for disabled people – particularly on public transport

Government:          Welfare benefitsbetter assessment and payment procedures

Follow up action

A more detailed account of the results of the survey was given in a poster display and presentation at a well-attended, and NSG at the QMC sponsored, Living with MS Research and Information Day at the East Midlands Conference Centre on 17 October 2015. The PowerPoint presentation (copy is available on request) gave examples of the ways in which each of the individuals and organisations mentioned above could do more to help people with MS.

Details of the survey results were supplied to the MS Society for any action which it considered appropriate.

Lack of human resources prevented the NSG from undertaking a proposed major project aimed at improving the lives, education, training and employment prospects of people with MS.


The survey, which was financed by a Big Lottery grant, was undertaken on behalf of the NSG by Graham White with the assistance of Megi Clarke and the cooperation of Doug Fletcher and his fellow members of the Nottingham & District Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The NSG thanks them, the people who completed the survey forms and anyone else who helped with the project.

Graham White

NSG @ QMC Trustee

[email protected]

March 30, 2015