Brain Genomics Lab

Dr Helen M. Knight's group

Brain Genomics Lab

Dr. Helen M. Knight’s group “Brain Genomics” at the University of Nottingham investigates epigenetic and genomic factors which contribute to cognitive decline and different forms of dementia. The different strands of her team’s work include:

  • Identifying epigenomic molecular factors and pathways which influence changes in cognitive ability particularly at the early stages of the disease.
  • Understanding molecular switches at synapses, where neurons talk, which turn on or off critical protein pathways.
  • Understanding differences in factors moderating disease progression between the different forms of dementia or Lewy body disorders

Currently, one of our Ph.D. research Projects (2020-2023) is being co-funded by the NSG. The projects aim is to identify mechanisms that modify DNA methylation (5mC, 5hmC, 5caC, 5fC) and RNA methylation (m5C and hm5C) processes which we hypothesis cause abnormal proteins to be made in the wrong place and time and contribute to disease.


June 14, 2021