Nottingham Human Genetics Group (Morgan et al)

Nottingham Human Genetics Group (Morgan et al)

Professor Morgan’s team is carrying out a world-class research programme which involves:-

  • Identifying genes involved in dementia – 22 new genes discovered since 2009. The NSG funds investigations by Ph.D. students into rare variations of the diseases and in particular Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Maintaining & expanding, with the help of scientists at other institutions in the UK and abroad, one of the world’s largest DNA databases – an invaluable research tool
  • Generating a DNA resource to study genes involved in Vascular Dementia

Nottingham has established an International reputation in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) genetics since 2000. Our research group has a well-established track record in the genetics of AD. We have expertise in molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics analysis of large genetic datasets including genome wide association studies (GWAS), custom designed NeuroChip and next generation sequencing (NGS). Our aim is to biologically interpret rare and common variants and their associations with disease.

In the last five years, we have published over 50 papers out of a total that now exceeds 150. This has resulted in multiple Nature Genetics, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine and Science manuscripts. The Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) funding has enabled the ARUK DNA bank (hosted at Nottingham) to be established and maintained; it currently holds over 5500 samples.  As a result of collaboration with the Mayo Clinic (Florida, USA), we have a combined resource of over 11,000 (one of the largest collections in the World). More recently, we have been funded to conduct genetic analysis on the Brains for Dementia Research (BDR) samples

March 30, 2015