Mrs Katie Kelsey

Mrs Katie Kelsey

I joined the NSG in 2020 on moving to Nottingham from Exeter.

I’ve acquired a keen interest in neurodegenerative diseases as a result of providing dance tuition to people with Parkinson’s disease for several years. I also have a close friend who has motor neurone disease.

In the 1980s I studied Marine Botany at the University of Western Australia and graduated in Dance and the Performing Arts at Deacon University and the University of Iowa.

In 1991 I moved from Australia to Birmingham with my husband David Kelsey who is currently Professor of Industrial Economics at the University of Nottingham. In 2004 we moved to Exeter where I worked part-time at the University of Exeter as an events organiser and was engaged in a variety of research projects relating to the labour market and the development of skills and learning. Since 2010, trading as Raven Associates, I have made my project management and consultancy services more widely available.

Whilst living in Devon I led community dance classes at various places, including workshops for the fragile elderly, Silver Dancers and “Dance for Parkinson’s”.  Since moving to Nottingham I have started to lead online dance classes via Zoom and am now a Sessional Tutor for the Workers Educational Association.