2015 Living with MS Day

2015 Living with MS Day

Thanks to the National Lottery the Neuroscience Support Group was a sponsor of a” Living with MS Day” held at the East Midlands Conference Centre in October 2015. The event was organized by the National Centre and Nottingham Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and included:-

  • An update by the MS Society’s Dr Susan Kohlhaas, on MS research
  • Presentations by Dr Nikos Evangelou, Dr Radu Tanasescu & Professor Cris Constantinescu about research and clinical work at Nottingham
  • Presentations by physiotherapist Sarah White on coping with MS and on support for carers by PhD students Lucy Morris and Kirsty Martin
  • Workshops led by Professor Constantinescu. Dr Bruno Gran, Zoe Rose, Sue Allison, Kate Hartley and Maxine Morgan
  • A presentation and poster display by the NSG’s Graham White concerning a recent local survey of people with MS about how the care and help they received could be improved.
  • Displays by various organisations about the help and support available to people with MS and their carers


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