What the NSG is currently supporting



Professor Morgan’s team is carrying out a multi-million pound world class research programme which involves:-

  • Identifying the genes concerned – 22 new genes discovered since 2009. The NSG funds investigations by PhD students into rare variations of the diseases and in particular Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Maintaining & expanding, with the help of scientists at other institutions in the UK and abroad, one of the world’s largest DNA databases – an invaluable research tool
  • Generating a DNA resource to study genes involved in Vascular Dementia




For several years the research undertaken by Professor Mayer and Dr Bedford has focused on gaining a greater understanding of developing what causes dementia and Parkinson’s disease with a view to the development of better forms of treatment. In particular they have developed a model aimed at identifying why protein inclusions (Lewy bodies) build up in the brain cells of people who suffer from those diseases. The NSG has contributed significant amounts to the research projects and would like to do more to support this invaluable work.



Imaging techniques are being used in projects funded by the MS Society at the University of Nottingham to investigate the cognitive changes which take place in the brains of people with MS. The NSG has secured Big Lottery funding to promote awareness of MS and is also considering the possibility of funding a project to determine the extent to which a drug used for other purposes might assist in the treatment of MS.